Alexis Huante

Computer Engineer

Texas A&M International University

About me

A motivated student willing to learn new skills with a 3.95 overall GPA, and graduating in December 2023 with a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering. Strongly experienced with data analysis, prompt engineering, and problem-solving. Knowledge of C++, Python, C, and Java.


Compared two Large Language Models (LLMs) and determined the current state of High Performance Computing (HPC) kernel generation.

- Presented at The 36th International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing

Investigating the relationship between Machine Learning (ML) and Intrinsic Dimensionality (ID) using Python and Jupyter Notebook.

Currently constructing the paper to make it ready for publication.

This research will answer the following hypotheses:

  1. Do low ID values equal better machine learning models?

  2. Which network datasets produce low ID values? IoT or Non-IoT datasets?

  3. Based on the ID of a dataset, which supervised ML model will perform the best?

  4. Which distance metric is better? Hamming or Euclidean?

Attended an internship at France where I did Intensive experimentation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) research tools to improve the productivity of Literature Review.

- Utilized the following AI tools: ChatGPT, Consensus, Elicit, ChatPDF, PerplexityAI, ResearchRabbit and SciteAI.

Comparing Llama-2 and GPT-3 LLMs for HPC kernels generation

Intrinsic Dimensionality of Computer Network Datasets

Leveraging Advanced AI Tools to accelerate R&D: Literature Review of Mechanisms of Nitridation in Silicon

ChatGPT Incorporation into Temporal Property Validator (TPV) Tool

- A team project where we incorporated ChatGPT as a plugin to a software through the use of an API

Solve the equation game (C++)

- A simple solve the equation game developed in C++ using data structures, where the difficulty of the game will increase once a player is close to winning.

- Utilized the following data structures: Queues, Array Lists, Priority Queues, Linked Lists and Hash Tables.

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